Discipline eliminates procrastination...

Have an idea, or two or three, about how to get more. Act on that idea over and over again Danielle La Porte

One of my daily requests to the Universe or prayer is for discipline, I have a note stuck on my wall that says, practice Discipline today!
I ask for discipline because in my mind it is a bridge to take me from where I am to where I want to go, it sends a rocket up my bum to act! and more than that to act consistently. Lately I have been noticing that I have been resisting against it, and I realized it is because I started associating it with something bad, something that I can be punished for. That then prompted me to look up some definitions of the principle of discipline and I found one that I am so loving and I dig it so much!! I thought I would share it with you!

"Discipline eliminates procrastination.
Discipline - repeated actions that demonstrate internal and external cooperation in alignment with a specific intention.

Discipline - not to be confused with selfishness, or self-denial.

With discipline, thoughts, and actions are manifested in an orderly and consistent relationship to goals and responsibilities. Discipline is evaluated by the question: Am I doing all I must be doing to realize my vision, without harming myself and others?" ( taken from the book Tapping the Power Within)



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