What's inside manifests outside.

"Thought is the real causative force in life, and there is no other. You cannot have one kind of
mind and another kind of environment" Emmet Fox

What were you thinking?? Have you heard that before? Especially when you do something not so smart? What on earth were you thinking? 
This now means a whole other thing to me, it is no longer a "buff" as we call it where I'm from or a scolding!
One of the best thing a woman told me on my travels is "stand guard at the door of your mind"
She explained to me that my mind is one of the most powerful tools that I have and its not a free for all where anything and everything can enter and take up residence because what is in my mind will manifest in my life! For me it was like a kind of aha moment and an indication that I was thinking thoughts that need to be reigned in and redirected! 

I tested it out and it works! Listen, I focused on a few things and thought with action behind it and it manifested itself in my life! And when I get slack and lapse and open it up to any and everything my life reflected to me "hey hey hey, what are you thinking??" so , some thoughts that come into my mind, particularly the negative ones, I let them pass, they come I watch them and I let them go, the judgmental ones same thing! passing through, not sticking around for lunch and dinner the ones that are positive and forward moving I ask them in for a chat! 

Thinking positive does not mean failing to plan for things that can go wrong and take necessary action to mitigate it. It also does not mean being blind to what is not working 
It means that you know that you are ok and will be ok, its lessons or blessings!
Positive thinking is a way of sending direct messages to the Universe saying what you want is important and sacred to you.

So what you feed your body, that goes inside your body, manifests itself in how you look on the outside
So what you feed your mind will manifests itself in how your life looks! It really is just that simple! You look haggard and tired and crappy, what's in your mind?  What are you thinking!
Catch that!


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