Personal Power is...

Personal power is       the presence of your divinity and nobility within you that allows you to stand as who you are without defense, judgement excuses or question who you are- Iyanla Vanzant (love this!!)

Today I resume my NiNa Programme, two schools are involved, one in the south of the island and one in the east! I was thinking about it today, while boxing, of all places, maybe that is why the coach was screaming at me saying "you dropped your guard, the fight is over, you lose! knockout!" anyway I digress, I was thinking that the main reason I wanted to do this was for the ladies to know that they possess an innate personal power and sometimes when I am there at the program I get to be reminded that I have it too, because trust me I need to be reminded at times when the humanness gets to me!
Power meaning that they have within them the ability and knowledge to dream big, to do anything they want to do, to persist, to get back up and to forge ahead without waiting for validation from anyone!
And this power can never be lost or taken away, we can give it away or not use it, but we always have it! We get to choose what to do with it, many of choose to ignore it and look outside of ourselvs for something that we already possess
So, looking forward to my reminder's this week and giving thanks for teaching what I need to learn!
Remind yourself today about that power that lives inside of you!


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