Doing a new thing today!

I'm off to the beach today, I have been attempting to go there for the past two days, there was so much rain and thunder yesterday that I turned back, today the sun is out in full force and I am going! Now the reason I mentioned this is that last week I was talking to a friend of mine and she said " You spend too much time alone in your head and sometimes out of your head, why not try something else"

I did not answer I just smiled, I wasn't ready to answer yet

So I met this lady from Canada who is working with me on the NiNa Programme for the past three weeks now until she leaves next month. This morning she sends me a message to come with her to yoga then to the beach. My automatic response was "Na, there's football on the telly, there's no way I am leaving my house" Then I thought wait, I  am going to the beach, how did she know that I didn't tell her!
After five minutes I remembered what my friend said about trying something new!
So in an hour's time I head to the beach with Miss Ana, trying something new! beach time with my new friend instead on just me myself and I!
Will let you know how it goes!
Happy Saturday!


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