Draft One Completed - why are you here?

I'm done with draft one of the book! Look, truth be told I am excited and scared all in one! This book is different from the first one. It's about me learning about following my purpose, setting a vision for myself and what it means to serve! Not subservient serve I mean, but I mean doing what you do for the sake of loving it. This is the highest work you can do in the world. The principle of of service is to give of self(time, knowledge, resources) without an attachment to the expectation of reward and recognition. Working with a consciousness of love (unselfish giving) these women showed me all of that and I will always cherish the moments.

So yea, a new type of experience that I felt a responsibility to share!

This is my story. This is a story of returning to me. This is my story of travelling to Uganda – Africa. This is my story of how I left my island of Trinidad and Tobago to go to Manchester United Kingdom to complete a PhD programme and ended up working with women in Uganda and other parts of Eastern Africa.
Nyabo (Madam) why are you here?
To write this I had to live it, this story gives me an opportunity to share from the teachers I have met throughout my time on the  Continent. Writing this has given me the opportunity to pick out the nuggets of wisdom of love, life, joy, spirituality, sharing, authenticity and peace.

I wanted to share these lessons with the hope that someone, anyone, will take it and make their life a celebration of what’s possible. To use it as a guide to live their life in authenticity, freedom, passion, joy and service.

Look out for it! Nyabo(Madam) - Why are you here? 


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