Get in the Flow

Get in the flow. Expect the best. Do your best. Become The World Heavyweight Champion of Positivity. Jen Sincero

Have you ever spent any time around people who make comments that are snarky, negative and just plain ole stoopid? all the time?
From the first question
How are you?
They start
and it continues until you feel like all the juice was squeezed out of you and you don't even know why

Get in the flow- many of the times we are in a situation, sometimes not created by us, and we are resisting because it "should" not be like this- newsflash - right now it IS like this so what you gonna do? 

Take things as they come - the things you cannot control - make a decision based on what is. Eckhart Tolle says we have three basic chices embrace and accept what is, move yourself out of the situation, change your mind.
Complaining as the legend Bob Marley says is praying to the devil

Do your best - then let it go. that involves having a level of faith and believing in what is not yet seen 

Do this experiment- see what happens!

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