If you just let it

What you want might make you cry
What you need might pass you by
If you don't catch it 
And what you need ironically
Will turn out what you want to be
If you just let it
 Lauren Hill

I am preparing to hit New Orleans tomorrow, looking forward to it for a number of reasons, to refill my spiritual cup, to spend some time with my family and to be among my peers, people speaking the same language and understanding my own path as they walk along similar ones.

I have a packed few days filled with workshops facilitated by some of the best writers, spiritual coaches, life coaches, and others who are willing to share their stories. And then there is a little bit of partying after- gotta keep the balance!
The party with a purpose they call it
I am willing myself better, I am showing up, open mind and willing spirit.
Catch you on the other side


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