I shall not run or hide

In the midst of your most troubling time, difficult challenge, frightening experience, know that you can feel bad and recover.
it is not the pain, fear, shame, guilt which will "kill" you; it is your attempt to run away that will
when we run from our challenges we kill off our power
we strangle our strength, we suffocate our character. we assassinate our character and ability to grow
be still and know........no matter what you will survive - Iyanla Vanzant

Have you ever made a decision and thought OMG did I just do that?? again???
The conversation I have with myself goes something like this:

1. Oh no not again!!!
2. Okay, what is the lesson here?
3. Shit, shit shit shit again? really?
4. Okay calm down, you are human
5. What is the lesson here?
6. I am a grown folk, I can do whatever I want
7. That's justifying nonsense I keep repeating to myself
8. Calm down
9. Okay, let's decide on a way forward and get committed
10. Let's do this

Now this conversation can stay stuck on number 5 for a very long time or it can run through to decision in a flash!

I must admit that lately I have been moving from number 3 faster, it is really a shitty place to be!
I now also look back and say hey you've made it though much more and much tougher this is a small thing, put your big girl panties on!

I have been having this conversation this week, I am on number 8, stay tuned...


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