Star Gazing

You have to grab moments when they happen. I like to improvise and ad lib– Denzel Washington

They called me outside of the cabin, come lie here with us, I really was hesitant at first it on was on the ground just in front of the ocean front
We lied flat on our backs
"Akosua look up"
I looked up and the sky was covered with stars, it literally took my breath away. The last time I saw so many stars was years ago in South Africa. I exhaled and like magic a shooting star, everyone screamed with delight
"Akosua did you ask the shooting star for guidance?"
"Oh man, you better be ready  always for the shooting stars!"
Who was expecting shooting stars in the middle of nowhere - which I have realized that I was in the middle of "now-here"

I thought about being open and ready for what is presented in front of me even when I am uncomfortable, in fact, especially when I am uncomfortable
To be obedient to the messages from within and to show up with courage to slay the resistance
It is always worth it


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