Say it kindly

In my own experience – and listening to others – what people really want is peace, love and happiness. They want to wake up each day and know they do matter, that they are and will always be okay regardless of what they have to face in life. Dawn Barclay

One of my favorite lessons - everyone matters!


Aren't the best things ever in life just really really simple?

Whoever they are, whatever circumstances that they are in, they have a part to play in the Universe and they matter.

Now, I interpreted that also to mean that you can matter to me from afar - which is to say I can love and respect you from a distance.
I also interpreted it to mean that every person who enters my space I give to them the respect that they deserve as a person who matters, how I speak to them, how I respond to them, how I show them that they have my attention in the time that they are in my own space
I have been practicing this.
Iyanla (the boss) says before you say something, ask yourself
1. Is it kind
2. Is it loving
3. Is it necessary
4. Can you say it in a way in which you would want to hear it?

Oh I would add that sometimes no is one of the most loving things that you can say! (day it kindly as ever!)

I have a few things that I want to tell a few people today, and so here I go!
Note to self: Everyone matters and remember to be kind


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