What is your why?

Why do, do, do I, I, I, I feel trapped
Inside a box when  I just don't fit into it?
Maybe I've been scared knowing
What's there in front of me
Maybe I been trying to be
What they needed me to be?
When I should've just been me
Why, why, why, why, why, why?
Whatever it is, let it be, let it be
Whatever it is, whatever it is
Whatever it is, let it be, let it be
Whatever it is, whatever it is, let it
Jill Scott

What's your why?
I mean really? What is your why?
What is the why you do anything that you do?
The why has the answers, the why has the guidance, the why has the truth
the why comes from  inside, from the gut, from the intention

Today I had the privilege of spending time at Heartbeat Radio For Women 103.5FM
As I was there I was thinking this is so surreal I would watch Ms Marcia Miranda growing up, singing and on stage and looked up to her and here I was in the same room with her, it dawned on me that I was there because I had the courage to share my story in the most authentic way because I wanted someone to learn from my experience - that was my why. Never in my wildest dreams I thought I would be sitting in the same room with her sharing and learning as well from her own journey.
Meeting Ms Patricia Toby today as well brought my why into focus as well, she came to share her story to support her friend and that was very humbling.

I have learnt that the why may not be clear in the moment but lay it down, journal it out, ask the Universe, Challenges will pull you off course. You won’t have a filter for decision making. And when shit gets hard and you get confused... you need that why,
Today one of my why's came and introduced herself - in a radio studio in Trinidad and Tobago
And here is my new question I am now asking myself  with no judgement -"Why? What would  a person who does this need to believe in order to justify doing it?"



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