Stalling tactics

While you are stalling and flapping around with tiny details that aren’t quite right to you, to the rest of us they are fine. You are not only robbing yourself of your own sanity and confidence, you are also robbing the world of what you can create, do and be.
Stop stalling.
Do it or don’t.
Commitment is not the same as trying. Dawn Barclay

The main reason for stalling is fear
Stalling is just what it is- waiting and waiting and waiting to act.
A big ole waiting game

Stop stalling.

  • If you want to launch your website but you aren’t 100% happy with the font because it’s not quite right, you’re stalling or perhaps scared of what others might think when you shove it out here, or both.
  • If you’re waiting until your children are in school before you pick up the pen and start creative writing again, you’re stalling.
  • If you’re always doing things for others because you can’t get started on your own stuff, you’re stalling and probably avoiding.
  • If you want to change career from the one that sucks your soul to the one that makes sense and fits your core values, but you’ve never even asked yourself what your values are, you’re stalling and not taking accountability for your happiness.
  • If you’re persistently looking about, seeing ideas that are successful for others, and change yours to look exactly like theirs because you aren’t confident in your own uniqueness or it’s not quite right, you’re stalling and also comparing your outer world to another’s outer show.
  • If you constantly have repeating ideas you would like to start, and you are forever putting them on the back-burning, you’re stalling.
  • If you’re always planning, analysing and never doing, you’re stalling.
  • If you’re always looking outside for confirmation that you’re doing a good job, you’re stalling and need to work on your own self-worth.
  • If you’re always talking about what you are going to do when … or one day maybe, you either don’t have strong goals or you’re stalling.
  • If you’re persistently watching on the sidelines with something really valuable to say, but you never speak up, you’re stalling.
  • If you arrive at a training course with the mindset you will never learn anything, you’re wasting your time and you’re stalling.
  • If you read hundreds of blogs weekly and wish you could start one, you’re just wishing and stalling.
  • If you’re constantly jumping on the next shiny new bandwagon for your business because you think you are missing out, you’re stalling.
  • If you’re supposed to be marketing your business and you are watching cat videos on YouTube, you’re stalling.
  • If you’re not happy in your significant relationship and you are scared to have difficult conversations that ultimately will help you grow (regardless of the outcome), you are stalling and probably building a bomb that will explode one day.
  • If you’re sitting on a project that has your heart and soul behind it and will make a difference in lives of others and your worried about what those two people will say you met 10 years ago when they see you talk about on Facebook, you’re stalling and are bothered too much about what others think. (Hint: they don’t actually care! You probably aren’t that special to them.)
  • If you’re meant to be writing an essay, article, piece of work and you’re putting in another load to the washing machine, you’re stalling.
  • If you’re trying to cram one week of work into a day because you couldn’t be bothered the other 4 days, you’ve stalled.
Stop Stalling


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