Hell Naw, not today

something happens when you slowly enjoy becoming the woman of your dreams. you begin to see how powerful you truly are Ijeoma

Today I am pretty excited, well apart from my upcoming travels, which always increases my excitement levels, I am just excited about the person that I am becoming, I am excited about my lessons and discoveries and victories. It hit me bam in the face today
You (well I really mean me) I  keep analyzing, thinking, beating up on myself - hell, girlfriend lighten up, you ain't doing too bad, really you aren't ,so ease up, back up, get excited and celebrate!

Be proud of the strides you have made, it doesn't have to be this whole dramatic production of what is "supposed" to happen and what you aren't doing or should be doing
Just stop shoulding on yourself for one minute get excited and celebrate
Just suspend all judgement about yourself and others today
Just suspend the self criticism
Just suspend the analytics as to why this or that person is reacting and responding to you in a way that is different to the way you want them to
Just suspend the pretending to be okay 

How many of us fall into the trap of not celebrating and getting excited about life? We just strive and strive and work and work and analyse and analyse and yada yada yada
Hell naw, time to celebrate!
Today is a celebration of you and your becoming
becoming the woman of my dreams
I bloody well deserve it


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