Prioritize yourself

Prioritize yourself. Take time for yourself. You got to work on liking yourself. Michelle Obama

Yesterday Michelle Obama hosted a Woman's Workshop on economic empowerment in Washington DC bringing together a host of phenomenal women from all walks of life doing their thing, paving paths, being authentic and making the world a better place than they met it
I tuned in via live-stream to the event and was so inspired and excited by all that is happening throughout the world with my sisters

Three things that rang throughout the day yesterday and resonated with me were
1. Being authentic- in every aspect of your life
2. Making yourself a priority
3. Know your worth

Michelle Obama said one thing she knew coming into the White House was that she knew who she was and wasn't even going to change that for nothing and no one, she was bringing Michelle to the party

The other women who took part, all from different walks of life, insisted that living their best lives included, and is an absolute must, making time to rest, eat well, exercise and switch off from the "noise"
the whole concept of busyness is well bullshit really! - side note (anyone who tells me they are too busy well hey, I bless you and love you from a far)
Too busy for yourself? Hmm check yourself before you wreck yourself

My "know your worth" vibes is raising, this is the one out of the three above that I struggle with the most. This I deduce is from years of having the " people pleasing" you know like the flu? I had the "people pleasing" all brought about by fear of not being liked and fear of not getting what I am supposed to get and avoiding confrontation.

Letting go of fear, self belief and being authentic are the tablets needed for the cure
I've been stocking up the remedy.


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