Pieces of Me

Now I'm gonna make mistakes from time to time
But in the end believe that I'm gone fly
No matter if I'm wrong or if I'm right
(These are the pieces of me)
Like every woman I know
I'm complicated fa sho'
But when I love I love til there's no love no more
(These are the pieces of me)

When you begin to love yourself- really love yourself – not hide behind lovely hairdos, perfect makeup, manicures, pedicures, designer labels and shoes
All hidden things in you, that no longer serve you, will rise to the surface to be healed
This can be a vulnerable time period, and many of us will not want to go through this phase because we are looking for an instant gratification and a quick fix
Unfortunately transformation takes time and inner persistence
Stay committed

Every obstacle you encounter has a gift and an opportunity for you to gain greater wisdom so you can learn more about yourself and expand yourself love
Get real about your fears and bring them to love to transcend them



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