Trust Yourself

It is impossible for people who are untrustworthy to become trustworthy simply because you want them to be that wayTrust is a matter of character - Iyanla Vanzant

The first and most important thing in trust is trusting yourself, how does that happen
Simply by doing what you tell yourself you will do and being radically honest - all the time!

The self trust starts being chipped away with the small things - I won't eat the entire bag of cookies - and what do you do? You eat the entire bag of cookies- the guilt sets in and the associated self talk which can go from a vicious tirade or can go to justifying any stoopid move that you decide to take in contradiction to what you previously agreed with yourself
The trust chips away
Telling yourself lies - to justify bad behaviour - yours and others 
Telling yourself lies - to avoid confrontation and hurt

The bottom line is trusting anything and anyone begins with trusting yourself!


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