Try the gentle approach

But where did we get this idea that being hard on ourself was the only way to grow? Being negative was the only way to do better? To be critical was the only way to excel?It’s total bullshit. It really is. Can you imagine trying to improve while having someone yelling nasty, terrible things at you 24/7?? Max McCoy 

Today I feel really proud, I am heading to a cheque giving ceremony. A sponsor has come on board to assist with the NiNa Programme. I feel especially proud because the persistence and determination paid off and that I was able to reach to a point where others saw the importance to be a part of something that changes lives in even the smallest way.
I feel proud that I accepted the invitation to share the lessons learnt through this programme and it was able to touch someone enough to say let's support one another

I was my fiercest critic, I cussed myself many times about this programme, about my approach, about what I was doing wrong, and truth be told, that didn't work it was an unsustainable motivator for me moving forward. I always wanted to do more, do more, do more, do more
The decision was made to lighten up and then light shone in
I am happy and proud to say that my lesson was - to lighten up, change the inner critic- go with the flow and  love yourself back to the light.

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