We can't instantly LEAP from pain to happiness. We can get from pain to happiness really quickly, but there are steps, a healing sequence.Respect yourself by looking at your pain.Feel what it feels like.Look forward to change.And the healing has begun. Danielle La Porte
Don't rush the river, you cannot push the water. The simple lessons, the ones I have to think about. I get these nuggets of wisdom from many of the women that I met on the journey.
I pulled out this nugget this weekend
I want what I want and I want it now, that is the society we live in as well. I can have fast food, I can have fast weight loss (not really but they sell it like that) I can have speed dating, instant coffee and quick pain relief and so why go through the process and take the long way when I can get it quick and fast, never mind the side effects
The most important requirements of the process, any process are willingness, discipline, honesty, patience and action- massive action
The icing on the cake is the alignment of thought, word and deed, they must all line up.

Going through the process involves some discomfort and this is where we get in a bit of a frenzy and I fully understand, who likes discomfort? Certainly now I!! it's part of the process it just is!
Once the discomfort passes the way is cleared for moving forward for a sustainable way forward


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