Protect Yourself

"This is your journey. You are learning to trust yourself, and it has nothing to do with how someone else chooses to respond or not respond" Iyanla Vanzant

Sharing information and giving my point of view whilst maintaining my boundaries  - A major lesson for me that I must admit I am at the back of the class. I have been practicing and practicing and sharing and listening on this topic over the last week, and it's true for me that practice makes masters! So I continue to practice.

Setting and maintaining personal boundaries is all about trusting ourselves to know that no matter what we can be seen, be heard and be okay with others having their own boundaries. Choosing is also so important, the lovely free will that the Universe have given us to exercise come what may!
I can choose again!

Personal Boundaries aren’t aggressive, they aren’t ‘My way or no way’, ‘This way, or else’.
They aren’t a threat. They aren’t about control.
They are certainly not about power over. But they are about shared personal power.
They aren’t manipulation, bullying, aggression or coercion.
But they are about protection: physically, physiologically and emotionally.

We all have the right to state clearly what behaviours we will and won’t allow in our lives. That means, perhaps for your own protection (and protection of the other individual), there may be relationships that simply cannot exist in to protect your own health and well-being.

Health and well being is holistic here, if you are being physically abused- time to set some new boundaries and choose again, if you are being emotionally abused ditto
If you are willingly sleeping with someone else's partner - your health is also at risk because in truth and in fact, you are sleeping with all of them as well, chances are you don't know  the state of their physical health.
Well being is your peace of mind, if you aren't physically healthy, your peace of mind will also be shot to pieces



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