The Truth needs no defence

Many of us reject the truth – we go into denial or get defensive because you think that once I know this I would have to do something about it NOW, you don't - Iyanla (the boss of bosses)

Madame Akosua from the moment you start being defensive and justifying your position you have fallen into wanting to control, to prove and have your way, this is not an indication that you know who you are - One of my favourite lessons, I remember an elder telling me this and I cannot recall the context just this message. And since then I also recognize it in myself and other people
Newsflash - I don't know everything, I control only my response and reactions, nothing else, and making plans are a waste of time without a vision. That's something I have learnt quite well

There is always a justification for someone's actions, when you start making excuses and justifying it check yourself.
You may want to prove to yourself or to others the rationale for your choice based out of fear or lack of self honor, self love and self respect
Justifying is different to explaining
Explaining involves giving information particularly to those who are not aware of what you're doing or informing another party of your decision.
Consequence is no coincidence according to Lauryn Hill


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