A proper job

Connection is the cure to so much. It’s an escape route from our own funks. It’s a reminder that we’re not actually as alone in all of these feelings as we think. Connection is waterfall of good vibes that draws you back to your own magic. Maxie Mc Coy

"Why don't you get a proper job"
"Why not get a real job"
"What are you financial priorities at the moment"

Three questions from three different people yesterday, I love it when the Universe is attempting to get my attention

I am supposed to be launching a product before the end of the year, I wanted to do it differently and take a little more creative control from the publishers and so I have been looking around for printers and other related suppliers. When all the quotes came back I looked at all of them and my first response was a loud sigh! Then I ignored it for a couple of weeks ( I've learnt that solves nothing!) and then I asked for more quotes. They came back and I did the same thing sigh and ignore until one of the people in my camp asked me question number 3 "What are you financial priorities at the moment?
" huh?"
"Is this not one of them?"
"I guess it isn't!"
A few minutes later, question number one popped up " Why don't you get a proper job?"
"excuse me?"
" A proper job, so you can live properly"
It threw me y'all! It threw me a loop
I was now forced to think because I wanted to respond in an empowering way rather than cuss and carry on a fool, especially since last week my aunt dropped on me that everyone in the family knows I never have money- truth is a hell of a thing isn't it?
"What is a proper job?"
"One that allows you to have a a car and money"
"Oh I see"
"Well what about my reading, speaking and what I do now with rural and community building?"
"That's not a proper job is it? Especially since you never seem to have any money and you don't have a car"
"I see"
I thought about it for a moment and responded
"I would like to continue on what I am doing now, I am willing to put all my time, faith, belief and effort into it, I will continue to do this, plant the seeds until I see some harvest and ask God's guidance along the way
I really am interested in this and will pursue it all the way
I will be okay, thank you for the concern and I mean that"

I was now in a position where I had to declare out loud that this is what I want to do, that having a "proper" job is not a priority and I believed in myself enough to pursue this and ask for guidance
All things work together for good
I was happy for the jolt!


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