Will you be whole?

Every day in the pursuit of knowledge something is added, spirituality is the practice of unlearning and letting go 
Deborah L Johnson

We are busy searching for what we are. We are like the fish in the ocean looking for the sea, we believe  that something is missing and we look to people, places and things to tell us who we are to fill the so called void. Newsflash - that never works and when we get what we belelive will fill us up it is short lived or we spend most of our time thinking that we are going to lose it
Listen to this, our inner being is so full of integrity that it will not allow us to keep anything that we do not believe we deserve to have,
There is an inner healing that has to take place
The acquisition of more will not do the trick
The acquisition of more never makes you whole
Quite the contrary, what makes you whole is the dropping of some of the "stuff"
Wholeness is about balance
Wholeness is about putting things in it's proper perspective
Wholeness is not about getting more
Wholeness is letting go of the stuff that does not belong
You need ALL of you, not just the parts that you think other people will like, not just the part where you have things, not just the mask, ALL of you

Will you be whole?


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