Stay out of the why

Let me be grateful to my Self today. Let me recognize that I am deserving of my own gratitude. Instead of being annoyed with myself, impatient with myself, harsh on myself, discouraged with myself, or untrusting of myself, let me offer myself my own gratitude. And let me realize that my own gratitude is all I need and want. Let me understand that when I have learned fully to be completely grateful to my Self for what I am, I will have completed the journey, and will have learned, at the same time, to be fully appreciative and grateful to God for the gift He has given me: my Self. ACIM

There is nothing more disappointing to me than letting myself down, nothing
There is nothing I feel worse for than betraying myself, nothing
There is nothing I can get totally down on more than breaking my commitment to me
I have to remind myself to be gentle, to be less harsh, to take it in stride
I tell you, it is a work in progress

In reading A Course in Miracles, I learnt that being grateful to me, is one way to stop reacting to myself in that way

Renegotiate the deal with me, learn and move on - and most importantly, many times it's my ego screaming at me, stay out of my head, my ego, and dont ask why? Why is a question fuelled by ego and fear. That little part of you that makes you wrong, makes me the bad guy can never be satisfied, stay away from why, and be grateful
I really wanted to share this with you today


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