Take a pause for a cause

If you don’t know why. And have some other superficial reason for doing it. Give yourself a break and wait to put your time, energy, love, and heart into something that has a reason which rocks your bones. Maxie McCoy

What is your intention?
What is the reason for doing it?
Have you ever asked yourself this question before jumping into something?
I usually don't, as soon as I believe or feel I want to do something I do it
Sometimes it works fabulously and other times, OMG major lessons!
It works fabulously when it feels right, when it beings me joy, when I am scared out of my wits because it is outside my comfort zone 
It provides lessons when I follow, when I feel  must prove something to someone, when I am doing it just because, well I am basically reacting to a trigger
It is actually quite refreshing to now discern the difference

You might not realize this, but you choose how you want to feel. You choose to be sad, happy, excited, up, and or down. However, when people don't understand this, they become reactors. Reactors, tie their inner emotions to things, people, situations, and or circumstances. They wait till "this" happens to be happy. They can't be excited unless "that" happens. Have you noticed, that when you're just happy for no reason, people ask "what are you so happy about?

The next time you are tempted to do something or react, take a pause for a cause


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