You do not lose what you share

You do not lose what you share - Marianne Williamson

Someone came to me and said they had a wonderful idea, and when executed it will make money and change lives, I was of course curious to hear what the idea was.
"So what is the idea then?"
"I cannot share it"
"Okay then"

"Why not?"
"People will steal it"
"So how will you execute it without sharing it?"
"I will figure it out"

I smiled and left that there
How can you execute an idea without sharing it?
I will tell you it will be quite difficult

I think if you believe in yourself, your idea and your tribe there will be very little fear in sharing your idea
No one can do what you do like you can
It is an opportunity to learn, share and improve
Get the ego and fear out of the way
And if it doesn't work out the way you thought it would you would have gained some valuable lessons and possibly some friends on the journey
and go out there and execute...


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