One of those days

Self Sabotage is a common response to forcing ourselves to do something we do not believe we can do or should b doing. Rather than run the risk of finding success or meeting with failure, we pull out, abandon, or mess up before we can even complete the task. Iyanla Vanzant

Confessions on the journey - My over thinking was on over drive. Have you been in a situation where things are movinh along swimmingly, it's all coming together nicely like ice cream. And then out of the blue shit starts hitting the fan, you run to turn the fan off, but it' still spinning. Something triggers you, and all good sense and reasoning is forgotten?
Yea that's me right about now
I thought to myself - well I over thought to myself- listen you are supposed to be the one spreading good news and sharing about being positive - stop it, snap out of it, stop eating all those  cheese crackers.

Then some sense prevails and I remember that I am from the human race, we all have some funk days.

Recently I got off a phone call and I was sour, I even started crying, I was so frustrated with myself being resistant, doubting myself, feeling scared instead of taking all the lessons and applying them. I shut down and started overthinking moving from this setback that related to my work and painted all over my personal life, the pity party was happening!

I must admit my own reaction disappointed me

And the next few hours I tried everything I could to pick myself up. I planned to throw myself into some writing to thwart those feelings. But as I typed away, the general frustration sat near and my thoughts flickered their way any chance they got.
These are the days. These are what any of our days looks like. We have tough ones. We forget to trust ourselves. We forget we can do this. We get all twisted in some crap and are quickly down the hole rolling around in the dark with emotion, anxiety, worry, and fear.
I popped on some music and had a party - me and Itunes , I sang danced jumped and hollered (my poor neighbors). Forget about the crap for a minute, laugh, have a party, literally. Some people may feel better connecting to others, call a friend, call not text, hearing a voice can make a whole difference. Connect to the things that matter and remember to switch on the light that is always in you


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