Shining on

The universe is our mirror and until our patterns and issues get healed we will continue to run into ourselves everywhere we go. We attract relationships with certain individuals so they can show us areas in our own life that need to be healed through their actions and behaviors. Sabrina Reber

OK so I am admitting it, the theory is easier than in practice
I have heard many times that not everyone is supposed to or can like you and what other people think of you is none of your business
I have also heard and read that everyone in your life is a teacher of some sort and is there to reflect something to you whether it is how far you have come or how much more you have to go
but dealing with in in real life yo! that shit is hard man!!
I swear!!

Confessions on the journey - being around people who are snarky and show an open dislike for me is hard, I struggle with it - it's just bloody hard, what can I say? I prefer peace and love 
Sadly, this is not usually the case 
And life goes on
But it's tough for me y'all - I'm just saying...

I continue to shine my light, it just refuses to be shut off, buy some shades....


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