Allow others to be who they are

Allow others to be who they are, to do what they do and to have what they have. Do not judge them and do not have emotional attachments and expectations of them. They are what, who and how they are. If that is different to who, what and how you are, so be it. Accept, honour, respect, allow and support who YOU are. Accept, honour, respect, allow and support who they are. The Law of Allowing

Oh we love to fix people, we love to tell them what they should and shouldn't be doing, how best to live, how best to love. Sometimes we do it all in the name of love and sometimes in the name of eo and control. Other times we are just plain ole nosy and not living our own lives.
Whatever the reason, the fact is that loving people enough to allow them to live without judgement is a big step. It involves courage, and lack of expectations. For humans this is now unfortunately outside of our norm. We love to give advice, tell people what to do and get upset when the people ignore us.
If you love people for anything love them enough to allow them to live their own life while the love you enough for you to love yours
We are all on our own path, some of the things we do and go through, someone else may not understand or accept. The diversity of people and their lives is what makes the world interesting
The best thing about it all is that we get to choose, we get to choose who we have in our tribe.



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