Give to Get

What is missing in a situation is exactly what you are not giving - Marianne Willamson

Taking full responsibility for our lives and situations in it takes courage. It is so much easier to say circumstances caused us to make a decision or the other person pushed us to do it, or two favourites, it is not the right time and it's complicated. Oh and the other  clincher, use love as the reason particularly in intimate relationships - I love him, I love her, when it really is about fear or ego.

The truth is sometimes inconvenient as at times it may require us to make uncomfortable decisions as well as, it may look like we were wrong and there are people who judge you with the I told you so, for me, more importantly is letting myself down. There is absolutely nothing worse to me than letting myself down because of fear and people pleasing.

Marianne Williamson's teachings suggest that in order to get one must give, this is also keeping with the teaching of the Course in Miracles. Giving precedes getting, in the giving no one loses and everyone gains as what you give you get. Maybe not at the same time or same form but bet ya bottom dollar it is returning to you
Are you missing honesty? Give it
Are you missing love - Give it
Are you missing trust - Give it
What are you withholding in a situation?
Give it to get it


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