There's a difference between denial and transcendence.

There's a difference between denial and transcendence. Denial means that you distract yourself, numb yourself, bury your head in the sand, pretend it's not happening, and suppress the pain. Transcendence means you endure it. You endure it as a sacred and holy path towards becoming a more awake, more enlightened, more compassionate, and better person. Elisa Lionne

I was asked to be a co-host on a show called MIND Spa - the basic premise is to have real conversations with women about what women chat about - but it takes place in a lovely spa. Exciting stuff, very happy to be asked to be a part of this project
Now, in doing this project I have been paying attention to some of the conversations that happen around me, who really wants to show that they have it altogether, when really, it is just life, the ebb and flows, the up's and down's. Who wants to hide behind "something" whatever that something is in the name of having fun and life is too short and YOLO - the list is endless
I am all for fun, all for shopping, all for leisure, trust me I love a good Carnival party- if all of these things are done to escape- newsflash - you take you wherever you go, the issues will manifest itself in some other place especially when the "party done"
And so my role in this is to ask some probing questions, to share my own life lessons, in an effort to be non judgemental and to show that we all have a story. Life does not exempt any of us from it's ebb and flow, there is sunshine and rain, there is sowing and reaping, it does not always mean that we are doing something wrong, or that we have to run from dealing with it. everything happens for you not to you! On the other side of the rain there are rainbows and flowers, in reaping time the fruit is bountiful and so with life, on the other side of the challenge is magic, trust me I can say that for sure
Look out for MIND Spa coming soon


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