Pay attention to who is in your tribe

Don't waste your time and energy on surface connections. Dive into yourself and see what kind of person you attract. Everyone in your life is a reflection of where you are. They are there to show you your current state. Don't get upset, get better and start elevating. Idillionaire
Sobering thought - every one who comes into your life is a reflection of where you currently are, everyone you block from entering your space is also a reflection of where you currently are.
And even better - those who leave your life  without "logical" reason, warning or notice also reflect how much you have evolved, changed, grown or regressed.
Pay attention to who is in your tribe and more importantly who you choose to let in
Pay attention who you run behind to bring back into the tribe, especially when they have demonstrated by their behavior that they have chosen to move on

In the past, and sometimes recent past I would go after people who have demonstrated that they have moved on by their actions, I would be relentless with it, in my mind I rationalised that I either had to get an explanation for their disappearance, I wanted my own way and that involved them being in my life no matter what- whether they liked it or not, I took it personally, I was either a bad person or that I did something wrong.
What I have learnt is that people really do some into my life for a reason, a season or a lifetime and knowing, recognizing and accepting the difference makes life so much more pleasant

Every experience tells you something, are you paying attention?


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