Imperfect is a go

We can still aim for greatness. 
We can still strive for excellence.
We can polish and shine when there’s time and space.
But we have to know when it’s time to set our work free and let it do its thing, imperfections and all.
Imperfect work that’s put out there changes more lives than work that stays hidden because its creator was trapped by perfectionism.
Perfectionism stalls progress.
Perfectionism keeps us stuck.
Perfectionism robs the world of our gifts and talents.
Kate Northrup

I am a do-er, I do things, I do them quietly, I do them because I prefer to do than talk. It is never perfect,  it never is. I do it because when I procrastinate it drags on and sometimes never get's done. Most times I procrastinate because of fear. Fear of failing, of being wrong, of doing it badly, of doing nonsense. I have learnt that I can start and improve as I go, there is absolutely nothing amiss about that strategy. What I have also learnt is that I have some issues about when people ask me about something that I have done, a dream I have fulfilled when there are mistakes and missteps, I get defensive, I get upset, I sometimes feel ashamed and small. 

Today, I have decided that I will no longer choose to be ashamed and defensive especially when the person comes from a critical place or they are living on the edge of their lives - not doing anything and just talking about what they want to do, was going to do, tried to do, will eventually do when things are perfect
I'm done
Punto Finale
I sometimes, when I am less angry and defensive, I see those who are really concerned and make suggesstions to make what I do better, out of love and concern
When I do I say thank you and move merrily along
the ones who are projecting and finding fault, as of today I bless them and also move merrily along
So, with love, if you haven't done it, and I did not ask you for advice, don't give me any suggestions
Thank you


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