I am now abundant

The abundance you desire to experience must first be an experience in your mind. Ernest Holmes

Yesterday as I was chatting with my aunt the penny dropped, we were discussing medical care and bills for my grandma and she said well everyone knows that you have no money and usually never has. I laughed, when I heard it but as she continued to talk it became clear to me that although I never verbally told them that, the perception and attitude that comes from me reflects that to them. I have now internalized that since I no longer work a "normal" job that my funds are limited and limited to the essentials - I really don't have much to spare - that has now manifested in all and every area in my life so much so that the family has recognized and spoke about me with the belief that "I never have money"
And so as of today, this moment, I have changed my mind
I am abundant
I now earn, save, spend and invest my money wisely
I am now in this moment changing my mind to reflect this
And so it is


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