Ask Yourself if you really mean it

Personal change cannot be accomplished by technology. It requires commitment, persistence, determination and PATIENCE! Inner Visions Institute

Today I want to share an exercise which I did at the beginning of the year. I realized that I had to make some adjustments and it was really up to me to undo since I did it in the first place, it was my responsibility
This exercise is taken from Louise Hay's absolutely must read book called "You Can Heal Your Life"

"Think of a moment about something in your life you want to change.
Go to the mirror and look into your eyes and say out loud - I Have Created This Condition and I am Now Willing to Release The Patters in My Consciousness that is Responsible for This Condition
Say it several times with feeling
Ask yourself if you really mean it
Convince yourself in the mirror that this time you are ready to step out of the knowledge of the past"
One of the great things is that we do not have to know HOW
All we need to do is be Willing
The Universal Intelligence or your subconscious mind  will figure out the hw's
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