Simple Ways to Be Bold for Change

you are giving away your power when you please others in order to fit in. Or when you follow the opinions of the crowd. Or when you decide that others matter more than you do. Or when you let someone who seems to have more power take charge of you.

It can often seem right—or proper—to sit modestly in the background, holding accepted opinions, living for your children, or letting a controlling spouse run roughshod over you in order to keep the peace. In small and large ways, however, these kinds of decisions reduce your sense of self-worth, and without self-worth, you cannot rid yourself of your powerlessness
. Deepak Chopra

The theme for this year's International Women's Day Celebrations is Be Bold For Change, over the last few days at any of the forums that I have been at the question comes up what does being bold mean to me,
Deepak's quote above really brought it home for me, it is the simple things that we do and then they become habit that makes us feel powerless, Being bold involves taking back our power, which we were born with but as time passed we kept chipping away at it or giving it away
Speaking up
Showing up
Getting up
these are some of the simple things you can do to be bold

Shaping your own mind
Following your intuition
Speaking and living your truth
Being Respectful
Showing Compassion
Being Truthful

there are bold moves now in these times

So, I kept answering that it is the simple things, the way we live our lives, the way we show up that make us bold
What are you committing to doing in your space to be bold for change?


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