Fear Not- Problems are your friends

Change often creates problems in our environment. Fear not! Problems are our friends! Without problems we cannot learn. Without problems we have no idea of the depth of the change that is required of us. Iyanla

 As cliched as it sounds, change is constant, the very nature of life is change. Why are we still fussing and resisting? We like comfort and control and being a winner. Who says comfort and winning will not happen if there is change? 
What about a different approach to it? 
Welcome the change, talk to it, ask it some questions, to reveal itself, resisting it will beat you up
trust me, it's the resistance that throws one off the bus! 
I myself am guilty of the resistance
Just when I think I have it all together, that I have the formula, the thing flips. 
I get frustrated, mad, I cuss and cry but now I have learnt to welcome it, to have a conversation, to pay attention (usually after the hollering!)

Fear not, problems have become my friends, -  Confession - I love them from a far

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