What is your story?

Having your own manifesto is very important. Mine involves making sure that my work is authentic and true and honest.  Intention is very, very important. And if you don’t think about that, deeply, it will show in your work eventually. Waarsan 

The International Women's Day conversations were not only enlightening, they were eye opening and sometimes raw
We women just really want to be free to do what we believe is best for ourselves, our sisterhood and our family, add that all up and it equals that we want to do what is best for our world

This is what I took away from all the conversations that I had the privileged to be in but things get in the way, in fact, we LET things get in the way
Number One thing - FEAR
Fear of
1. Being wrong
2. Rejection
3. Looking dumb
4. Losing money
5. Losing face
6. Being a rabble rouser
7. Making others unconfortable
8. Uncertainty

And the list goes on
Newsflash, shit happens
Do you
And don't apologize for it
It may be a challenge but what isn't
Let's take ownership, fell the fear and do it anyway


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