Use Your Missteps to Build You Up

You, like every card-carrying human on the planet, are going to make mistakes.
You are going to choose the wrong love at least once.
You are going to miss opportunities sometimes, and you're going to move to fast or too slow at other times.
You will find yourself engaged in unexpected conflicts
You are going to be afraid, or confused or plain wrong about something or some people
Get a Grip!
This does not mean you're an idiot or that you life can be totally derailed  by one or more of the mistakes you have made.
Rather than getting stuck in how you messed up, use your mistakes, weaknesses and missteps to build yourself up.
Confidence grows when you make a mistake, correct your course and keep moving  - Trust: Mastering the Four Essentials of Trust

I reminded you, my lovies, about my daily ritual, I read something every morning , it helps in preparing and grounding me for the day- it's just my thing, I  am sure you have your own, and if you don't get one! 
Just as you eat and take a shower to prepare your body, take some time to prepare your mind and soul before you step out - it takes determination to fool proof the distractions, the tugging of your soul
So, right on point, as per ususal. I woke up late, missed my running time and thought "Oh crap!" and the self talk started, rolled out the bed and in the bathroom the book was on the floor, naturally waking up with "the oh crap mindset" I kicked the book and its always the baby toe right? I scowled picked up the book to hurl it and the page quotd above looked at me and said "Read Me"
Damn Universe, every bloody time! Every time! Why am I ever surprised?? 
I smiled, got out the bathroom and started my day, I really wanted to share this with you
Hope it resonated, if not, it's all good


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