Learn to see people how they are

People are who they are and do what they do whether you like it or agree with them
We all have different lessons to learn
We each take a different path to our lessons
There are times when someone's path will cross your path and cause you to stumble and fall
That does not make them wrong.
That does not make you right
The only thing a judgement does is distract you from what it is you must do yourself- Until Today

I like to have my own way- My mother used to say to me growing up "Chile you too own way" which meant I always wanted things my way, or I would sulk and be quite unpleasant
Now that I am grown I realized that I am not unique in this regard seems to me that, everyone wants what they want when they want it! The trick is how do we handle the differences
I have learnt that judging other people by saying what they "SHOULD" be doing - it does not work! Who are we to should on people? We don't know the full story! Acceptance is a hell of a thing though!
The other thing I have learnt is disagreements can be handled with respect, grace and an open mind, when this happens new opportunities, lessons and experiences emerge

When the disrespect creeps in well all hell breaks loose!
When the judgement creeps in well, it's all over
And when the ego jumps in there can literally be wars!

Learn to see people how they are and find a way to be okay with yourself and others
Acceptance does not mean you like it, it means you are willing to make decisions that are in your best interests and sometimes that means walking away


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