What's Your Why?

In order to get where you need to be, you will be rejected by people, situations, and circumstances that are not right for you or do not show up at the right time.
If you give up after the first no, the first betrayal, you will never find your rightful place.
Every "no" you encounter is a trust-building opportunity. Every rejection you experience has the potential to deepen your capacity to trust yourself and the process of life - Iyanla

I have learnt that the No's are essential, I have learnt that the No's build me up, I have learnt to not take the No's personally, that it is all part of a bigger picture that at the time I know absolutely nothing about, I have learnt to feel the feelings when I get the No's.
I have learnt that when I am grounded and know clearly my intentions, I can feel the feelings associated with the No much easier, some No's are hard though, especially when you believe in all your heart that it is what you wanted, that it will change your life forever, that it will make you happy. I have learnt that it all goes back to your intention
What is your intention?
Why? What is your why?
That right there, buffers the hard No's
I have lost count of the many No's that I have got, some of them had me curled over in a ball hurting with tears and screams, some had me laughing at how crazy I was to even contemplate moving in that direction, but despite all of it, all of the No's made me stronger, more clear, and more in touch with my intention
It made me tap into my Why and if I give up I know it was flaky, I wasn't into it
With relationships - well most No's allowed me to dodge some bullet's. I have no bullet proof vests so give thanks for that
I eat No's like Cheerios

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