What Are Your Feelings Telling You?

Your feelings are telling you something – just develop courage to listen and stop seeking to understand or fix what is going on in your body Kyle Jones

Our feelings are messages, when we ignore the messages they become red flags, the messages get louder, the body then gets involved, sickness and ailments and pain sets in.
Feeling your feelings immediately will not kill you, I guarantee it, what can kill you in the build up of emotions within your body that you do not feel that manifests itself in all manner of ailments
According to Kyle Jones, these are what your feelings tell you:
1.    You are abandoning yourself
2.    You are around energies nit beneficial to your energy field
3.    You are in a dangerous situation
4.    You are not taking time to be still and let your thinking emotional body find balance. This often happens when we have busy lives and focus on doing rather than being

But the key is you will know when you pay attention, when you feel it.
Trust me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with crying, saying no, pissing people off, sharing if all is done in love


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