Journey to the South Day 2

You cannot force, coerce and demand change. Change is a process that unfolds when the individual mind comes into alignment and cooperation with the flow of life and the universe at large. Change is a journey. Change is not linear; meaning if you do this, that will happen. You can never be sure what will change or how it will change. Change is uncertain. Uncertainty gives rise to fear. Change requires vision and strategic planning. Change requires that we work from the top down (from the mind to the heart) and from the bottom up (from the experience to the cause of the experience) at the same time. Change often creates problems in our environment. Fear not! Problems are our friends! Without problems we cannot learn. Without problems we have no idea of the depth of the change that is required of us. Iyanla

South Africa to me symbolizes change, I visited here in 2000 and here I am 17 years later, the place is almost unrecognizable, the growth is phenomenal and with change and growth comes its challenges. What is remarkable is the willingness to face these challenges head on with the conviction and faith that we will learn from it and do better
Sandton  is deemed to be the richest square mile on the Continent, it is a place of luxury, of commitment, a testament to what can happen with willingness. I feel very privileged to spend my first few days in South Africa here in this place
This morning I attend the opening of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, 171 countries are here to share and learn on how to use entrepreneurship and a developmental tool
And what a fitting place for us to meet!
Give thanks


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