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So when you’re feeling grounded, rooted, and strong, really think about to whom you can give your strength. The beautiful thing about it is that giving it away doesn’t deplete you, it reinforces your power, bringing light to yourself and to the person who needs it.
So, figure out who needs your strength today and shine a bit of love their way. You’ll become stronger.
Maxi McCoy

I was billed to speak at the International Women's Day Celebration at the Hyatt Regency for ACCA Caribbean - the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants, I was quite nervous, but determined to give it my all and all
The host for the day was one of the top morning show TV hosts in the country and she sat next to me. We did the small talk and she introduced me to the audience, I went up did my thing and came off the stage where she pulled me aside,
"I want you on my show"
"When can you come?"
"Next month"
"Can you come this week?"
"Am, Yes!"
My belly was doing flips, TV, The Morning Brew? OMG! Okay, calm down calm down
I did the show this morning, and I had fun- because before I stepped on the set I said, listen to me self, you are here to be you and share your story, end of text, do that and then go home
The fun began!
I love it when I learn from myself too

I am off to South Africa tomorrow so I promise to holla at ya when I can, come join me on that journey to one of my favourite places ever in the whole wide world



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