I am All Women

Each of us comes to that point where we must trust someone enough to open ourselves up for review and examination.
It's not always easy! Its a challenge to admit or acknowledge your own faults.
It is even more difficult to accept that we have made some costly mistakes, poor decisions and bacd choices.
For some reason we don't want people to know that we are human. But we are
We cannot hide what we feel forever
It is essential to our sense of well being that we find  a way to open up and let some one know what is going on inside Until Today

My ability to work.drive.vote.earn. choose.walk d road.drive a car.own property.get a mortgage...... didn't come "jus so" someone paid, paved a path, died even and I have a responsibility to carry this on and improve on this. All women I know throughout the world do not have these rights that some of us take for granted, and all women is me and I am all women. so if I am not contributing to all women, I am not contributing to me.
I know that I am the victory of my ancestors
I want someone to say the same about me
Join the conversation
Do something
with what you have


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