Day 8 -Journey to the South

There is nothing more validating than belief in yourself and your abilities. If you believe you have the power, the power is yours. There is no credential, certificate or authority beyond the power of a made-up mind. There comes a moment when you must decide that you are going to believe in yourself. When that moment comes, you become aware that outside authority is the icing. Your mind is the cake! Iyanla Vanzant

I spent most of the day in the village with Sole, she lives in a homestead with her family of 4 children, the homestead is three huts in a circle, a bathroom and a common area under a huge mango tree fro shade when they sit and talk. Sole invited me into her hut, it was pretty big with radio, TV, and her craft which she makes to sell in the market. Sole is also a farmer. What struck me immediately is the pride and belief. I asked her who taught her the craft. She looked at me puzzled. No one taught me, I learnt it on my own and I am goo. Said as comfortably as her name. 
So no one taught you?
I learnt it on my own and I am good
I can see that she was, the carvings were out of this world
So comfortable in her abilities, so comfortable to say it out loud
I looked on thinking, hmm I would usually feel so awkward to be so confident about anything, asking myself would it come across as arrogant? Would people think I am showing off? - Notice the trend here - what would people think? 
If it is the truth- that you are good at what you do - why apologize or care what others think? It's the truth
The truth needs no defence nor is the truth frail
We sat under the mango tree, and chatted for a bit. Sole says she is happy but always looking for improvement for her family- that is what her life is about
I appreciate the lessons


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