Happy International Women's Day

It is easy to conform, to quietly give in
But for those of us convinced in the greatness that lies within us, those who have chosen paths very uncommon we quiet the noise by fearlessly disrupting what is - Ijeoma

Today around the world International Women's Day is celebrated. I join in to celebrate my sisters, my mothers, my elders, my ancestors
Listen, I don't take the strides for granted- AT ALL
My grandmother - one of my favorite people in the whole wide world told me that she was asked to not go to secondary school - she was offered a place at one of the best schools in the country - to alloow her big brother to go, girls had no business going to school, she told me that she read her brother's books - who did not get a free place- did his homework and shadowed him all through secondary school
My grandmother told me that when she started working in an office she was the only woman, there were no toilets for women and the boss told her use the men's restroom or go to the other building. She said no - get some women's toilets in there or else
She was suspended from work, she went to the Union and the rest is history
I do not take any of the strides for granted
There are many stories like this that still exist in the world, women who cannot go to school, to own a business, to own property.
We are in a space where we have a responsibility to keep these strides going
what are you doing in your own life to be bold for change?
Are you living your purpose/
Are you being true to yourself?
Are you giving back?
Whatever it is, what are you doing?
In your own life because it starts right there

Today I have the privileged to be the keynote speaker at the ACCA International Women's Conference and the Women Everywhere Workshop



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