Change You First

You can be saved simply by changing your mind. Nothing outside you has to change in order for you to be happy. You can simply choose happiness, right now." And our response, typically? "Hell, no! I won't be happy unless s/he changes first."ACIM

I have been practicing something. Changing my state of mind on the spot, just to see this power that I was told that I have been born with.
Acknowledging the feeling and then making a decision to change the state
Hello................... the thing works
The key is acceptance
then choice

The clarity is in the midst of the confusion
The love is in the midst of the conflict
Do you have the courage to override , to keep moving forward
If you just keep moving forward, the fear will subside, the doubt will subside don't worry about getting rid of it, you can't get rid of thought, it cannot be undone
But you don't have to activate it, downloaded it or activate it
Deborah L Johnson says - "your doubt and fear does not have to trend"


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