How do you use your voice

Truthing isn’t necessarily easier to do, but it brings incredible ease to your life. And the more you do it, the easier it becomes. The courage, the classy delivery, the compassionate humour, it all becomes more accessible when you’re using your voice everyday. Danielle LaPorte

What do you use your voice for? How do you use your voice? Do you see or believe that your voice is of any use at all? 
Does it even matter?
I am always told that I don't talk much (well except when I am on a stage doing ma thang!) I internalized that and sometimes I would remain quiet for fear of pissing people off or perhaps saying the wrong thing and they wouldn't like me, I grew up thinking that, then I was introduced to books by Maya Angelou who did not speak for years, many years, believing that her voice caused the death of a person, when she did realize that the voice is powerful and a gift well the rest as they say is history.

Most of us have the gift, what do we do with it?
What do we do with all the power that we were given
So many of us have people around us who value and listen to us
What are we saying to them? What are we using our voice to promote?

Think about it
How do you use your voice?


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