Day 5 - Journey to the South

"Together, hand in hand, with our matches and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country." Winne Mandela

I'm digging Winnie Mandela so much right now, in the month where we celebrate women, I am so very inspired by the strength and persistence, what a warrior! I listened to all the challenges that she went through, how much she persevered. My word! I am totally inspired by it all.
What floored me is the standards by which she was judged were harsh but she pressed on
Winnie turned down offers to leave South Africa during apartheid to study and live in the USA deciding to stay at home and be of service to her country, she was an activist way before she met her famous husband Nelson
Police raids, jail, solitary confinement, you name it! Winnie encountered jail of two weeks whilst pregnant it and is still standing
What is my excuse? What is my reason for being lazy? 


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