Are You Showing Up Fully?

It's not that the universe isn't giving you the people and the opportunities that are perfect for you; it's that you're missing them if you don't show up fully, and if you're not present because you're looking for the next best thing instead of showing up for what's right in front of you.
If you feel like something's missing from your life, it's missing more of YOU! Your presence, your focus, your energy, your love, your kindness,… Only what you are not giving can be lacking in any situation. ACIM

Hello Lovies
Confession time on the journey
Over the past few weeks I have been focused - but focused on what's next, what's to come, what I must do "after" and truth be told, this has been draining me. I just cannot get enough or feel that I am in a comfortable space, I wrote down goals, and then I wrote down how I want my life to look in 2017. I read them both (for the record, how I want my life to look is so much more pleasant to read!)

I keep asking am I doing what is required? Am I doing enough?
Newsflash - Not enoughness will mash you up!

Every now leads you to your next, to the coming attraction, if I am not focused on now, what's next is pointless because no work or passion was put into the journey.
Every now leads you to the what's working and what's not working which is why it is so very important to show up fully!

How do I show up fully?
Focus on the now
Focus on what is in front of me
Focus on being grateful for every single thing
Focus on the journey at the moment
Focus on the fun
Focus on the people
Focus on the "real"
Forget about "how it will look" and think about how you feel
Walk with your kindness weapons and be fully present



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